🕵️ BMW X5 Facelift Seen Testing — Potential Fuel Cell Vehicle?


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Spy Photos

BMW X5 Facelift Seen Testing — Potential Fuel Cell Vehicle?

The previous-generation BMW X5 skipped the typical mid-cycle facelift and headed straight to the G05 model available today. Or are they? An interesting prototype was just spotted by our spies based in Bavaria, but we’re not sure this is actually an X5 LCI. For starters, why would BMW use provisional headlights for only a facelift? In addition, the front doors have “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers, but the front bumper seems to be taken from the X5 M, much like the blue brake calipers.

2022 BMW M2 spy photos show traditional M upgrades

Based on past spy photos, the next-generation BMW 2 Series coupe will be a traditional BMW with old-school proportions and rear-wheel drive. And just as expected, it will continue to have an M version, which we see for the first time in these latest shots.



M And The Big Hoon – BMW X5 M Competition Review

There is truly no country which is as SUV-obsessed as the US of A. This is a place where people island themselves off to large degrees, and yet need vehicles that are bigger than their egos… 

Video: Joe Achilles checks out the Driving Assistant on the BMW M440i

Joe Achilles took the BMW M440i out for a spin and shared with us his impressions about the performance side of things, as well as some tech inside the car. After proving just how different the real-life results of this car are compared to the claims made by BMW, it is now time to focus on the features it offers, and one of them is the BMW Professional Driving Assistant.

The Stig Leaves Top Gear Test Track, Goes Drifting In A BMW M3 GTS

The BMW E92 M3 GTS is one of the most desirable variants of the M3 ever produced and, as it turns out, is also the perfect sports car to drift around an empty proving ground. This clip from Top Gear shows everyone’s favorite tamed racing driver, The Stig, getting particularly tail happy with the M3 GTS.


Drag Races

Video: BMW M8 vs Ford Shelby GT500 drag race

In a fascinating race, the folks from Edmunds decided to pit the BMW M8 Competition against a rather unlikely rival, the Ford Shelby GT500. To top everything off, the 5.2-liter V8 of the Shelby GT500 makes 760 HP, noticeably more than the 625 HP of the Competition BMW M8 Coupe.

BMW M2 CS vs Bentley Flying Spur is the drag race we weren’t expecting

Can the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Luxury saloon beat the track-focused BMW M2 CS in a drag race? It’s certainly not a question I’ve asked before, but I’d like to know the answer anyway. The BMW M2 CS is one of the most track-focused BMWs of the modern age, combining the superb 2 Series platform with the drivetrain found in the BMW M4 Competition.



Video: 1,000 HP BMW M5 does 100-200 km/h in 4.28 seconds

The BMW M engineers managed not just to introduce all-wheel drive on the M5 without upsetting the customers, but they also upgraded the S63 engine to be one of the best out there. In this footage, we get to see just how fast the Evolve BMW M5 is.

Interview with ALPINA CEO: How the ALPINA BMW i8 Almost Happened and Why it Didn’t

Since the debut of the BMW i8 back in 2014, fans have been begging someone; BMW, the M Division, ALPINA or anyone that would listen; to build an i8 with a bigger engine and more power. Until, we recently spoke with ALPINA owner Andreas Bovensiepen about that very ALPINA i8 project car.

VIDEO: Check Out one of the Lowest-Mileage E39 BMW M5 example in North America

In this video from EAG, we get to see an E39 BMW M5, arguably the greatest M5 of all time, with so few miles and in such good condition, it’s essentially a brand-new car. The 2003 E39 BMW M5 in this video only has 3,157 mile on the odometer, which is around 185 miles per year.

Virtual trends: BMW and Epic Games celebrate long-standing technological partnership.

Munich The use of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships provides a crucial competitive edge, especially in the digital age. This autumn, Unreal Engine from Epic Games was also used for the launch of the new BMW iX and the MINI Vision Urbanout at the BMW #NEXTGen digital broadcast in spectacular surroundings – created with technologies that were originally developed for the production of a Sci-Fi TV series and since then has been used on several Hollywood feature films.

1957 BMW 507 Series II w/Hardtop

This 1957 BMW 507 is one of approximately 250 examples produced and was completed on September 17, 1957. This Series II 507 is now offered on consignment in Emeryville, California, with a history file, BMW Mobile Tradition certificate, owner’s manuals, a tool kit, and a clean New Hampshire title. Also included in the sale are a 507 owner’s manual, a BMW service manual, a set of black and brown Coco mats, and a custom car cover.

10 Best BMW M3 Special Editions Of All Time

BMW’s M3 models have always been some of the world’s finest drivers’ cars, but these special editions turn everything up to 11. BMW is perhaps one of the most popular German car companies in the world. The BMW M3 is one of BMW’s most iconic cars, and it has set the foundation of some of the most reputable sports sedans in the market today.

Tuner Previews G82 BMW M4 Bumper for F30 3 Series, Huge Kidney Grilles Included

If there is something BMW isn’t doing right these days, that would be exterior design. The change of heart became apparent with the introduction of the G22 4 Series, which features larger-than-life kidney grilles on every version from the 420i to the M4 Competition.

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